Selbst Takes Down $25,000 Mixed-Max No Limit Hold'em Event for $871,148

Published on May 30th, 2014 9:53 pm EST

Vanessa Selbst - World Series of Poker - Archive PhotoVanessa Selbst continued to prove that she is one of the best poker players in the world on Friday night when she took down Event #2 ($25,000 Mixed-Max No Limit Hold'em) of the 2014 World Series of Poker for $871,148. This was the third World Series of Poker bracelet of Selbst's career, and the Brooklyn, New York native now has over $10.5 million in lifetime "live" tournament earnings.

This was the first bracelet to be won at this year's World Series of Poker in an open event.


Winning her third World Series of Poker bracelet certainly wasn't easy for Selbst as she had to overcome substantial chip deficits in both the semi-finals and finals of the event.

After the first 52 hands of the final table, Jason Mo was able to build up a 8.14 million to 1.68 million chip lead. A 20 minute break came at the perfect time for Selbst, as she was able to regroup and watch some of the live stream to get a better read on her opponent. The twenty minutes were very well-spent for Selbst, as she won the tournament just 20 hands later.

The hand of the tournament came during a five million chip pot that was won by Selbst. With the board reading 10h-Jd-5s-Qh-2s, Jason Mo led out for a bet of 1.315 million with 2.5 million in chips already in the middle. Selbst called and flipped over pocket Queens for a set, while Mo showed his As-Qs for a pair of Queens. Mo was never able to regain the lead after that and was eliminated a short while later.

The final hand of the event came when Mo shoved all-in pre-flop with about 2.5 million in chips. After a bit of thought, Selbst called with Kh-Jc and the two players turned over:

Mo - 9d-7d
Selbst - Kh-Jc

The board ran out 10c-As-2c-Ad-Js, giving Selbst a pair of Jacks and the bracelet.


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