Dimmig Takes Home $1,319,587 in Victory

Published on June 4th, 2014 11:46 am EST

The World Series of Poker 2014 Logo - WSOPJonathan Dimmig took down Event #8 ($1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold'em, aka the "Millionaire Maker") of the World Series of Poker late last night for $1,319,587.

Dimmig, who recently made the decision to leave his job and move to Las Vegas to pursue life as a poker professional, managed to outlast a massive field that included a total of 7,977 entries. The field was so large, in fact, that this year's "Millionaire Maker" was officially named the second largest "live" poker tournament of all-time behind the 2006 World Series of Poker main event (8,773 entries).

Navigating through a field of nearly 8,000 entries (the total number of players in the event was smaller due to players being allowed to re-enter if they busted from the first flight) was no joke. Sure, there were many casual players who were taking a shot, but the field was also loaded with well-known pros. Dimmig earned every penny of his $1,319,587 for making it through such a large field.


Jeffrey Coburn entered heads-up play against Jonathan Dimmig with a 22.85 million to 13.05 million chip lead, but Dimmig was able to erase the deficit and eliminate Coburn in just a couple of hands.

Coburn's luck changed quickly during the first hand of heads-up play. After a flop of 9d-8d-5d, the two players got their stacks into the middle holding:

Coburn - Kd-9c
Dimmig - 9c-8h

Dimmig had flopped two pair, but Coburn had plenty of outs with his flush draw and pair of Kings. Unfortunately for Coburn, the turn and river were bricks and he lost a massive pot.

Coburn couldn't recover and the tournament ended just a few short minutes later.


Here is how the final table ended up finishing out:

Jonathan Dimmig, $1,319,587
Jeffrey Coburn, $815,963
James Duke, $614,368
Andrew Teng, $465,972
Bradley Anderson, $355,913
Stephen Graner, $273,854
Andrew Dick, $164,118
Maurice Hawkins, $128,150


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