Published on June 10th, 2007 6:52 pm EST

Two of the biggest casino groups in the industry, IOG Casinos and Empire Online have teamed up to launch Affiliate Club under the watchful eye of PartyGaming.

affiliate club logoWhy Affiliate Club? By housing two of the bigger casino brands in the industry under one roof, affiliates will benefit with better customer service, top affiliate managers servicing their accounts, and even better creatives to use in their campaigns. Affiliate Club aims to offer excellent conversion and retention rates for their affiliates, and aims to be extremely honest and reputable.

The following brands are now offered through Affiliate Club:

50Stars Casino

Casino King

Magic Box Casino

Fair Poker

Casino Las Vegas


The King has been working with the principals involved with Affiliate Club for many years, and he can vouch as to their honesty and swift payments. If you are currently looking for a casino group to promote, you should try Affiliate Club today.


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