$27,695.45 in Poker Rake and Fees Generated in Delaware in January

Published on March 24th, 2015 6:21 am EST

Delaware Lottery Games - LogoDelaware's online poker community must be eagerly anticipating the start of the state's poker compact with Nevada, as the traffic on the state's online poker sites continues to leave plenty to be desired.

According to Delaware Lottery Games, Delaware's online poker industry generated a total of $27,695.45 in January of 2015, down slightly from the month before ($28,589.38). This is a staggering decline from January of 2014, when a total of $88,588.29 in poker rake and fees were generated in the state.

Here is a breakdown of online poker revenues in January 2015 by company:

Delaware Park - $15,330.44
Dover Downs - $8,236.59
Harrington - $4,128.42

Let's look at how these numbers compare to November of 2013, which was the first month in which legal online gaming was offered in the state:

Delaware Park - $51,079.26
Dover Downs - $12,980.42
Harrington - $3,868.74

And December of 2013:

Delaware Park - $72,748.54
Dover Downs - $23,340.84
Harrington - $10,833.38


To say that the Delaware's online poker industry is struggling would seem to be a massive understatement. As with both Nevada and New Jersey, Delaware started strong out of the gate but has since lost all of its momentum.

Supporters of Delaware's online poker industry are hoping that the forthcoming start of the online poker compact with Nevada provides the industry with a much-needed spark. In February, Nevada's Governor Brian Sandoval said that he was expecting the compact to launch "within four to six weeks".

Source: Delottery.com - Delaware IGAMING Net Proceeds


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