Published on July 6th, 2007 6:50 pm EST

For all those out there who put money down on how many entrants this year's World Series of Poker main event would get, listen up.

wsop logoWe just got off the phone with a couple of our sources in Vegas, and they are telling us that Harrah's is now expecting between 6000 and 6400 entrants to the 2007 main event. Obviously these numbers can fluctuate, as there are 3 days of preliminary day 1 play remaining, but these are the numbers that our sources are telling us. This would create a prize pool of up to $65 million dollars.

Harrah's had been prepared for up to 9,000 entrants, but this is a number that, given the UIGEA, must be exceeding internal estimates. The World Series of Poker as a whole has shown that the public's appetite for poker is not waning, and that the UIGEA has had a substantial but not devastating impact on the World Series of Poker.

Once we get a final number as to the number of entrants, we will report it hear. Like we said, we are hearing between 6000-6400 as of right now.


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