Negreanu Collects $63,647 For His Sixth Place Finish

Published on July 31st, 2015 7:42 pm EST

Archived photo of Daniel Negreanu (circa 2009) - Wearing a poker hatDaniel Negreanu wasted no time trying to erase the memories of his 11th place finish at the 2015 World Series of Poker main event earlier this month. Negreanu, who has an extremely busy schedule serving as the face of Pokerstars, decided to make some time for the 2015 WSOP National Championship, which is taking place at Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina.

Negreanu entered the final table third in chips behind Loni Harwood and Darryll Fish. Despite his best intentions, however, Negreanu wasn't able to take down the tournament.

The critical hand of the final table for Negreanu came during a confrontation with Brad St. Vincent. Negreanu elected to move in pre-flop over the top of a St. Vincent re-raise and St. Vincent snap-called. The two players turned over:

Negreanu - Ac-Ks
St. Vincent - Ad-As

There were no miracles for Negreanu as the board ran out 10s-9d-8s-3c-Jh. Negreanu was reduced to just seven BBs.

The end for Negreanu came a short time later when he elected to move all-in holding pocket Jacks. Alex Masek made the call with Ad-Qd.

The flop was a great one for Negreanu, as it came 10h-6c-5s. The turn, however, brought the King of Clubs, giving Masek even more outs to win the hand. One of those outs ended up coming for Masek, as the river brought the Jack of spades to give Masek a Broadway straight.


As mentioned, Negreanu walked away with $63,647 for his sixth place finish. The winner will take home $341,599, while the runner-up will walk away with $211,133.

Daniel Negreanu continues to move ahead of Antonio Esfandiari and Erik Seidel on the all-time tournament money list. As of this moment, Negreanu has nearly $30.7 million in lifetime cashes, which is roughly $4 million more than Antonio Esfandiari.


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