Changes Coming to Hand Histories, Cash Games at Partypoker

Published on October 4th, 2015 10:05 am EST

The King is talking about the latest changes at PartyPokerOnline poker rooms have been making a very loud statement as of late - recreational players are the lifeblood of their businesses and changes will be made to keep them depositing and playing.

A few months ago, Full Tilt Poker made some very substantial changes to their cash games in order to make their site more friendly to recreational players. PartyPoker, which was recently acquired by GVC Holdings, also recently announced changes that are intended to "level the playing field for everyone".

Over the coming weeks, the following changes will be made at Partypoker:

1) It will no longer be possible to download hand histories to local devices

2) Players waiting to be seated at a cash game will be placed on a room-wide waiting list and randomly seated with a seat becomes available

3) Cash game players will only see the names of their opponents once their first hand has been dealt


By implementing these changes, Party Poker is taking direct aim at the software that serious players use to monitor their opponent's playing styles and tendencies. In addition, by not being able to see the names of their opponents until they sit down, stronger players will now have a much harder time selecting softer tables to play at.


"Grinders" are finding that some of the major online poker sites are no longer very interested in their business. Sites like Full Tilt Poker and Partypoker are much more interested in the recreational player who may pull out their credit cards on Saturday nights to play a few hands of poker, rather than the grinder who will be playing 12 cash game tables at once. This is obviously bad news for those who make their living playing poker, and you can likely expect this trend of freezing out grinders to continue.

Source: - Partypoker is set to level the playing field for everyone


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