Mizzi Wins Via Third Round Knockout

Published on December 31st, 2015 2:20 pm EST

The Poker King is reading the latest about the boxing match that took place between Sorel Mizzi and Brian Rast this week.  The match was dubbed The RumbleThe boxing match between Sorel Mizzi and Brian Rast, dubbed the "Rumble Without Jungle", ended up as a one-sided bloodbath.

The match, which took place at Syndicate MMA Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, was attended by a number of big names in the poker world, including Antonio Esfandiari, Dan Bilzerian and Phil Laak. Proceeds from the event went to benefit the REG Charity.

Both Rast and Mizzi, who seemingly have no beef between them, were training hard in the lead-up to the fight. Prior to the fight taking place, the general consensus seemed to be that Rast would have the advantage. Mizzi, however, would prove his doubters wrong.

Mizzi came out strong at the start of the first round, knocking down Rast three times in rapid succession. Though neither fighter looked to be particularly skilled, Mizzi was able to use his strength and reach advantage to floor the overmatched Rast multiple times in the first round. The fight could have been called off in the first round, as Rast was knocked down three times, but the two participants elected to keep going.

Mizzi continued to pound on Rast and eventually defeated his opponent, once and for all, in the third round. The referee had seen enough at that point, waving off the fight despite the protestations from a bruised, bloodied and wobbly Rast. Both men were clearly exhausted, as they were both throwing their entire weight into all of their punches.

The fight, which had been scheduled for four 2-minute rounds, was halted during the third round.

Given that both men are professional gamblers, Mizzi surely collected a decent sized bet from Rast after winning the fight.


Mizzi's one-sided beatdown of Rast followed in the tradition of other lopsided fights featuring professional poker players, including Lex Velduis' destruction of Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier a few years ago in a kickboxing match.


The entire fight between Mizzi and Rast can be viewed via the Periscope link below:

Source: Fight! Sorel Mizzi vs Brian Rast! Live From Las Vegas!!!


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