Server Will Be Capped at 500 Players for Soft Launch

Published on March 10th, 2016 11:00 pm EST

Pokerstars chip branded with American flag - IllustrationAfter years of anticipation, Pokerstars NJ is set for a full launch on March 21st.

According to a press release that was circulated earlier today, Pokerstars NJ will be doing a "soft launch" of their service that will run from March 16th to March 20th. The point of this soft launch will be to iron out any wrinkles that may pop up.


The "soft launch", as mentioned, will begin on March 16th. At 4 pm on this day, players in New Jersey will be able to download the new Pokerstars NJ software and log on to the server. There will be an eight hour window in which the Pokerstars NJ software will function on March 16th. After that, the server will move offline until 4 pm on March 17th, when the same eight hour window will be utilized.

On March 18th, the eight hour window (4 pm to 12 pm ET) will expand to 16 hours, as the Pokerstars NJ server will open at 8 am ET and close at 12 am ET.

On March 19th and 20th, the server will be open for 24 hours a day, provided that there are no glitches that need to be fixed.

If things goes according to plan, the full launch will take place on March 21st.

It should be noted that during the "soft launch" period, Pokerstars NJ will have a server cap of 500 players. Given the level of anticipation around this launch, I would suggest hopping on Pokerstars NJ early so that you don't get shut out.


Pokerstars has been attempting to gain access to the New Jersey online gambling market for a number of years now. Despite numerous setbacks, Pokerstars was finally able to gain entry late last year.

Pokerstars' launch in New Jersey is big news as it will mark the first time that the site has operated in the United States since shortly after "Black Friday" in 2011.



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