Player Disqualified For Attempting To Hide "Second Stack" in His Pocket

Published on April 30th, 2016 7:17 pm EST

The King is reading the news about the recent situation that took place at the WPT Canadian Spring ChampionshipA bone-headed move from a cheater at the PartyPoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship has resulted in a disqualification and permanent ban from the Playground Poker Club.

According to the Playground Poker Club, the disqualification took place during Level 2 of the tournament.

The player, who had pre-purchased a ticket for the tournament, arrived to his table late. Since the player had pre-registered, his stack was in play and getting blinded off until he arrived.

After some paperwork was filled out by the player, the dealer mistakenly passed the player a new stack, believing that the player was a late registrant and not a late arrival.

So, at this point, the player had two stacks in front of him - the stack that was getting blinded down, plus the new stack that the dealer had mistakenly passed to him.

At this point, the player could have pointed out the dealer's mistake and everything would have been fine. Instead, the player reportedly arranged his chips so that nobody would notice the error. After a few more minutes, the player took his second stack off the table and put the chips into his pocket.


The mistake was noticed on the next dealer change and the player was removed from the table.

After being escorted from the room, the player was disqualified from the tournament and permanently banned from the Playground Poker Club as well.

Despite the fact that the dealer had made an error, there is no question that the disqualified player was trying to cheat the other players at the table by pocketing the second stack. Instead of quickly pointing out the error, the player in question pocketed the second stack in an attempt to gain an advantage at a later time.

Not only did this player see their $3,500 entry fee get evaporated in a nanosecond, but they will now be permanently banned from the Playground Poker Club as well.


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