Qui Nguyen Takes Big Chip Stack Into Final Day of Play

Published on November 1st, 2016 7:06 am EST

The Poker King is reading the latest news from the WSOP 2016 and making a point.One of these three men - Qui Nguyen, Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy, or Gordon Vayo - will be crowned the 2016 World Series of Poker main event champion sometime on Tuesday evening.

Here are the chip stacks of the remaining players:

Qui Nguyen, 197,600,000
Gordon Vayo, 89,000,000
Cliff Josephy, 50,000,000

In addition to the WSOP main event bracelet, the remaining three players will be battling for these remaining payouts:

1st - $8,005,310
2nd - $4,661,228
3rd - $3,453,035


Two players - Michael Ruane and Vojtech Ruzicka - fell on Monday.

Ruzicka was the first elimination of the day, as he elected to make a final stand with Ad-7s. Ruzicka, who entered the hand as a very small stack, knew that he was likely headed for the exit after Nguyen stuck in a re-raise. Nguyen turned over A-Q of hearts and took down the pot after the board ran out 6d-4s-2s-5s-4d. Ruzicka took home a payday of $1,935,288.

The second and final elimination of the day took place when Ruane shoved his stack over top of a Qui Nguyen raise. After a bit of thought, Nguyen made the call and the two players turned over:

Nguyen - Ah-Js
Ruane - Kh-Qh

The board ran out 9h-9s-2s-Jc-8d, giving Nguyen the pot with his Ace high and sending Ruane to the rail with a payday of $2,576,003.


Vayo and Josephy will obviously have a very tall task on Tuesday as they attempt to wrest the chip lead away from Qui Nguyen, who seems to destined to win the event at this point.

The tournament is set to resume at approximately 5 pm on Tuesday afternoon. The final hands of the event will be broadcast on ESPN.


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