Tony G Added To Russian Blacklist

Published on March 24th, 2017 9:53 pm EST

The King is in deep thought with hand behind his head.  Location: Press conference.Earlier today, "Tony G", aka Antanas Guoga, revealed that he has been blacklisted from entering Russia.

Tony G has been largely absent from the poker world over the past couple of years, and that has been due to his position as a Member of European Parliament for Lithuania. Guoga, who spent years terrorizing players at the poker table and building up his business, is now an EPP Group member, which has a mission statement to "defend centre-right policies to promote growth and jobs in a more integrated Europe."


In revealing his ban from Russia, Tony G linked to a article which revealed that "Antanas Guoga has been added to the list of MEPs banned from entering Russia."

The article reveals that G believes he was banned "partly because he trolled a Russian diplomat during a hearing in the European Parliament". The "trolling" took place here (from Tony G's Facebook page)


Thanks to this recent piece of news, don't expect to see Tony G show up at a Pokerstars Championship Sochi event anytime soon.

Perhaps the Russians are getting payback for this?



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