Staples Brothers Stand To Win $150,000 If They Can Get Within One Pound of Each Other Over Next 12 Months

Published on April 6th, 2017 3:13 pm EST

Staples brothers weight match bet reaction in photos - proposed.Bill Perkins loves his prop bets.

Perkins is unbelievably wealthy and loves making unusual prop bets with people, such as making Antonio Esfandiari walk everywhere for 48 hours doing deep lunges or betting Dan Bilzerian that Bilzerian couldn't ride a bicycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in less than 48 hours.

Perkins recently entered into a new prop bet with Jaime and Matt Staples, where he bet that the two brothers couldn't get to within 1 pound of each other over the next 12 months.

If the brothers can't pull it off, they will have to pay Perkins $3,000. If they can pull it off, they will win $150,000.


According to Jaime Staples (who is a popular streamer and member of Team Pro Online on Pokerstars), the two brothers will have a 170+ pound gap to fill over the next year.

Jaime Staples reportedly weighs north of 300 pounds, while his brother weighs in at a much svelter 135 pounds.

In order to win the wager, Jaime says, Matt will need to gain 35-40 pounds to bring his weight into the 170s, while Jaime will obviously need to lose a significant amount of weight. Making things more difficult, Jaime says, will be his lifetime of bad habits that he has acquired, such as eating poorly and smoking.

Losing 100+ pounds in a year is certainly possible for Jaime, though Matt will likely have a much harder time gaining 35-40 pounds.


Jaime has promised to update the progress of the wager via his stream over the next year.

Can the Staples brothers pull this off?


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