"MonteDam Swing" To Run From April 25th to May 13th

Published on April 15th, 2017 3:43 pm EST

Pokerstars and WPT colaboration - Montedam Swing - The year is 2017.Earlier this week, Pokerstars and the World Poker Tour announced a collaboration called the "Pokerstars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing".

The "Pokerstars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing" will run from April 25th until May 13th and includes both the Pokerstars Championship event in Monte Carlo and WPT Amsterdam.

As part of their collaboration, Pokerstars and the WPT are establishing a leaderboard that will award entries to various upcoming Pokerstars and WPT events.

The four qualifying events are:

€1,100 Pokerstars National Championship Monte Carlo
€5,300 Pokerstars Championship Monte Carlo Main Event
€1,500 WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam
€3,300 WPT Amsterdam Main Event

In order to be included in the leaderboard, players must finish in the money in at least one qualifying event in both Monte Carlo and Amsterdam.

Here are the prizes that will be awarded to the top five finishers on the leaderboard:

1st - Pokerstars Championship Barcelona main event package (€7,500)
2nd - WPT Main Event package (€6,000)
3rd - WPTDeepStacks package (€3,000)
4th - Pokerstars National Championship Barcelona Buy-In and Hotel Voucher (€1,600)
5th - WPT DeepStacks Buy-in (€1,500)

In addition, players who participate in a tournament in both locations will receive a ticket to be a part of a $30,000 freeroll on Pokerstars. Players who play in both Pokerstars Championship Monte Carlo and WPT Amsterdam main events will receive a $300 voucher towards 2017 SCOOP events on Pokerstars.


In unveiling this promotion, Pokerstars Director of Live Events Edgar Stuchly said that "both Pokerstars and the World Poker Tour are committed to growing the game of poker".

Source: Worldpokertour.com


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