Noori Taps Out and Falls Well Short of Winning Bet

Published on May 21st, 2017 2:06 pm EST

The illustration of a hamburger lineup.In the end, Michael Noori didn't come close to winning his much-publicized McDonald's prop bet.

Over the past few weeks, quite a few people were talking about Noori's seemingly crazy prop bet - could he eat $1,000 worth of McDonald's in 36 hours?

Most people assumed that this task would be nearly impossible, with odds on Noori being able to complete the task running at around 5/1. The poker community loves a good prop bet, and apparently there was tens of thousands of dollars in side bets placed on the event. Noori also raised money for his "favorite charity" through GoFundMe, with $12,575 having been received as of this moment.


There was a great deal of discussion as to the best way for Noori to have a chance of winning the wager. There were some rules laid down ahead of time (no use of blenders, no travelling to purchase food at more expensive McDonald's in Europe, etc) - the general consensus was that Noori's best opportunity of winning lay in eating a great deal of apple slices, as they are $1 per bag and very low in calories.

Noori attempted to go this route as well, as he bought a very large amount of apple slices and then created his own apple mash at home. Prior to the contest getting underway, Noori said that his plan was to eat $500 of apple slices.


In the end, Noori fell way short of completing the bet.

According to the @McHamburgler1k account that was set up to track the progress of the bet, Noori didn't even consume $150 worth of McDonald's, let alone $1,000.

Noori calling off the bet after falling way short led to a number of angry Tweets directed at the @McHamburgler1k account, with some calling the bet "fraudulent".


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