Virtue Poker Bills Itself as "P2P Decentralized Poker Platform Built on Ethereum"

Published on November 19th, 2017 5:51 am EST

Etherium based - Virtual Poker - On the blockchain. - Logo on black background.Phil Ivey is back in the online poker room business, as he recently revealed that he has signed on to become a strategic advisor at Virtue Poker.

Virtue Poker, which bills itself as a "P2P decentralized poker platform built on Ethereum", is set to launch in the second half of 2018. That hasn't stopped three prominent poker players - Dan Colman, Brian Rast and Phil Ivey - from signing on to represent the site.

According to a press release that was circulated earlier this week, Ivey will be providing feedback on the Virtue Poker software and user experience, as well as playing in online events on the site and wearing the Virtue Poker patch in live tournaments.

Virtue Poker has said that they look to distinguish themselves from the competition in four major ways - "tamper proof gaming", player fund security, payouts in less than 60 seconds and focusing on guaranteed tournaments. Virtue Poker has said that while their competition may spend money on "expensive sponsorships on poker stars and athletes", they will put their resources into guaranteed tournaments instead.


Phil Ivey has had an interesting time, to say the least, since "Black Friday" took place in April of 2011.

Since that time, Ivey has gone through a divorce, watched his lucrative stake in Full Tilt Poker go up in smoke, started and shut down various online ventures, unsuccessfully sued Crockfords for the returns of millions of dollars that he won using "edge sorting", unsuccessfully defended himself (so far) against another "edge sorting" case involving the Borgata, temporarily boycotted the World Series of Poker, was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and won two World Series of Poker bracelets.

All of these events likely have Ivey pining for a return to something similar to his pre-"Black Friday" lifestyle - representing a poker site while playing poker and travelling the world.


There is already some competition in the cryptocurrency/poker market, though Virtue Poker is certainly off to a strong start with their pool of talent.


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