partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany Main Event Breaks 1,000 Entrants

Published on February 18th, 2018 4:34 pm EST

PartyPoker Live - Millions Grand Final - Barcelona - 2018.In January of 2017, partypoker announced that they would be launching a new global poker tour called partypoker LIVE. The move surprised many, as partypoker was lagging considerably behind Pokerstars in terms of size and they would need to compete with a number of different poker tours, including Pokerstars' European Poker Tour and others.

In February of 2017, partypoker announced the hiring of John Duthie, the man who founded the European Poker Tour. This hire legitimized partypoker LIVE overnight, as the European Poker Tour is one of the most popular tours in the world.


This past weekend provided the shining moment of Duthie's tenure with partypoker, as the MILLIONS Germany main event ended up surpassing a total of 1,000 entrants.

The MILLIONS Germany, which guaranteed a total of €12,500,000 over the course of the series, raised some eyebrows when they revealed that the main event would feature a guarantee of €5,000,000. This was a bold move, as the event was being hosted at King's Casino Europe in Rozvadov and could have easily missed its guarantee. After all, partypoker LIVE is still in its infancy, though partypoker wanted to make a big splash with this event.

In the end, the gamble paid off, as the tournament ended up attracting 1,014 entries, including many of the world's top players.


The momentum continued for partypoker after the company revealed that the upcoming MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona, which will be running from April 7-15, will feature a total guaranteed prize pool of €23,000,000.

The €10,300 MILLIONS Grand Final Main Event, which will begin on April 11th, will feature a total guarantee of €10,000,000.


The fact that partypoker has managed to build a live tour in less than a year that is already thriving is a testament the shrewdness of John Duthie and partypoker's desire to build a serious competitor to the European Poker Tour.

Given partypoker's current standing as David compared to the Goliath that is Pokerstars, I would imagine that many players will continue to show support to the partypoker LIVE tour, as healthy competition is always a good thing for players.


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