Changes Part of "Pokerstars Pricing Update"

Published on March 20th, 2018 7:46 pm EST

Pokerstars logo with stars in the background.  Year is 2018.Earlier today, Pokerstars added a new blog post titled "Pokerstars Pricing Update".

Anytime that Pokerstars reveals changes to their rewards program or rake/fee structures, players are justifiably worried, as this usually means that the cost of playing poker on the site is about to increase.

This time is no different, as Pokerstars is implementing two changes as of March 26th:

1) Fees for MTTs with buy-ins of less than $20 are going up

2) Fees for Time Tourneys (regardless of buy-in) are going down

This is a prime example of giving a little (Time Tourneys) and taking a lot (MTT with buy-ins of less than $20). It goes without saying that Pokerstars' micro buy-in MTTs are extremely popular, and even a small fee increase should result in a large revenue increase for Pokerstars.

According to Pokerstars, the "changes we make to our pricing are based upon various factors including customer behaviour, commercial and promotional considerations, and the overall long term sustainable health of the ecosystem".


Today's pricing news comes despite the fact that shares of The Stars Group Inc. are trading near a 52 week high. Shares of the company closed today at $27.35, roughly $2 below their 52 week high of $29.53.

This is the reality of Pokerstars as a publicly traded company - there are shareholders to answer to, and the company will look to make as much money as it possibly can.


As mentioned, Monday, March 26th will be the first day that these new fee structures are in effect.

Source: Pokerstars Pricing Update


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