Staples Brothers Both Weigh In At 188.3 Pounds

Published on March 25th, 2018 8:54 pm EST

The Staples brothers, Jaime and Matt, win the weight bet against Bill Perkins.  Looking good guys! - Year is 2018The "Ultimate Sweat" is now over.

Just minutes ago, Jaime and Matt Staples successfully completed their year-long prop bet with Bill Perkins.

The terms of the bet: Jaime and Matt had one year to weigh in within 1 pound of each other. The deadline was today, and the weigh in took place at Run It Up Reno.

Bill Perkins offered the brothers 50/1 odds on the bet. In the end, Jaime and Matt put up $3,000 against the $150,000 of Perkins.


The two brothers had an immense gap to close over the course of the year, as Jaime was well north of 300 pounds when the prop bet started, while Matt weighed just 134 pounds.

In order to win the wager, Matt would have to gain a significant amount of weight, while Jaime would have to drop well over 100 pounds. With Jaime starting at over 300 pounds, Matt was going to have to gain upwards of 50 pounds in order for the brothers to have a chance.

In fact, while Jaime's weight loss was extremely impressive, Matt adding nearly 55 pounds to his small frame over the course of the year was just as impressive. Over the course of the bet, Matt would often complain about the amount of food that he had to eat, and his celebration meal after the successful weigh-in was a salad.

Jaime, on the other hand, followed a fairly standard weight loss plan of eating a reduced amount of calories and high levels of cardio.


As mentioned, the weigh-in took place at Run It Up Reno and was officiated by Jeff Gross.

In the end, both brothers weighed in at 188.3 pounds, as they successfully closed a gulf of over 170 pounds over the course of the year.

For their efforts, the Staples brothers will split $150,000, which will surely be a nice boost to both of their bankrolls.

Shortly after successfully completing the challenge, Jaime and Matt called Bill Perkins, who congratulated both of the brothers on a job well done.

As mentioned, Matt celebrated with a salad, while Jaime's choice was a large pizza.


The weigh-in, which was streamed on, had nearly 10,000 people watching at its peak.


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