Bill Perkins, Staples Brothers Agree to Terms on New Bet

Published on April 14th, 2018 12:47 pm EST

Weight loss bet - Dollar bills - Illustration.Are you ready for The Ultimate Sweat 2.0?

Earlier this week, Bill Perkins and the Staples brothers (Jaime and Matthew) agreed to terms on a new weight bet which is now known as the Ultimate Sweat 2.0.

The bet came about after Perkins proposed a "double or nothing" bet that would involve the Staples brothers jointly getting to 9.9% body fat or less in less than a year.

Jaime and Matthew didn't like the idea of risking so much money (they just won $150,000 from Perkins from the Ultimate Sweat 1.0), so the two sides agreed to new terms which look like this:

-Staples brothers put up $50,000 to Bill Perkins' $150,000
-Staples brothers must jointly have 9.9% or less body fat by March 25th, 2019
-a Dexa scan will be used to determine the body fat percentages
-no steroids or HGH allowed
-Jaime Staples is allowed surgery to remove excess skin (from his massive weight loss)

Here is Matt Staples talking about the bet:


The Ultimate Sweat 1.0 bet saw the Staples brothers get 50/1 odds - the odds for the second bet are much more modest.

Getting to below 10% body fat will be quite difficult for the two brothers - while Jaime lost a significant amount of weight over the past year, he is still well off from achieving less than 10% body fat.

The general belief seems to be that Perkins got quite a good deal in this second bet and that the Staples brothers will be underdogs once again.


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