Tournament Finishes With Total Prize Pool of Over $11 Million

Published on April 23rd, 2018 12:31 pm EST

Pokerstars Sunday Millions Anniversary - Take 2 - Tournament logo / graphic - April 22, 2018.The second time was the charm for Pokerstars, as their Sunday Million Anniversary Take 2 event easily ended up surpassing its guarantee of $10 million.

Pokerstars, which is the world's largest online poker site, is not accustomed to paying out large amounts of overlays. This is exactly what happened in February, however, after the first edition of the Sunday Million 12th Anniversary ended up badly missing its guarantee by over $1 million.

Knowing that poker players love a good deal, Pokerstars announced that they would be hosting their "Sunday Million Anniversary Take 2" event on April 22nd, with another guaranteed prize pool of $10 million.

Pokerstars heavily marketed the fact that the first edition of the tournament had an overlay of $1.2 million, which helped to draw people to the second edition of the event. In the end, the tournament ended up easily surpassing its guarantee, as there were a total of 56,310 entries, which ended up creating a total prize pool of $11,262,000. This easily topped the 43,975 entries that the first edition of the Sunday Million 12th Anniversary received.


All nine final table participants were guaranteed a total of $63,229.31, with the winner taking home $1,000,043.77 and the runner-up walking away with $715,335.28.


Pokerstars' days of effortlessly meeting practically every one of its guarantees may be coming to a close.

To start, sites like partypoker are structuring events and series to directly compete with Pokerstars, such as partypoker scheduling their "Powerfest" series to directly compete with the SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker).

In addition, Pokerstars is likely starting to suffer from an aggressive campaign of increasing rake on its players in order to boost profits, and this is likely sending more and more players to sites like partypoker and 888poker.


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