Major Improvements To Table Design, Increased Functionality Part of New Update

Published on August 24th, 2018 2:53 pm EST

Partypoker software update screenshot - The year is 2018.Earlier this week, partypoker introduced a major new software update that seeks to deliver a "massively enhanced player experience".

So far, based on what has been posted on social media, the new software update has been very well received by players.

The update has been rolled out to the company's Windows users, with Mac users expected to receive the upgrade later in the year.


According to partypoker, the new Windows update includes the following new table features:

-"improved, larger table design"
-"customisable table felts and backgrounds"
-"Modernised player plates including digital countdown timer"
-"increased hole card sizes"
-"enhanced player note functionality"
-"restyled bet slider that now incorporates the timebank"

Other enhancements that are now available to both Mac and Windows users include:

-custom MTT buy-in range
-introduction of Mix-Max poker
-showdown on checkdown


partypoker has been implementing changes based on feedback from their customers, and the results have been pretty encouraging.

The partypoker operation has undergone a pretty significant turnaround since being purchased by GVC Holdings plc. It's clear that the company is dead-set on creating a significant competitor to Pokerstars, and it's tough to argue with what they have accomplished so far.

While Pokerstars has undertaken a number of initiatives that have the goal of extracting more money from users, partypoker seems intent on making their offering as player friendly as possible.

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