Viewers Flock to Watch Lex Veldhuis' Sunday Million Run

Published on August 27th, 2018 2:17 am EST

Sunday Million Pokerstars run by Lex Veldhuis was a big hit on Twitch TV.  The year is 2018.Lex Veldhuis, who is one of the top poker streamers on, had a big Sunday.

Veldhuis made a deep run in the Sunday Million on Pokerstars this week, making it to the final few tables of the tournament before bowing out in 29th place.

Lex missed out on a very big payday ($150,000), though his deep run was a phenomenal success on

According to, Veldhuis' stream hit over 18,000 peak viewers when he cracked the final 50 of the tournament. Nothing attracts viewers faster than the possibility of a really big payday - news of Lex's deep run spread over Twitch and Twitter and other social media, and the viewers came flocking.

18,000 peak viewers is an insane number for a poker stream. In fact, 18,220 peak viewers for a poker stream might be the highest number ever.

In addition to the deep run in the Sunday Million, Lex also had a very good day in terms of subscriptions, as over 600 people subbed or re-subbed to his channel.


You could make a very strong argument that Veldhuis is Pokerstars' second most valuable sponsored player behind Daniel Negreanu.

18,000+ peak viewers is a dream come true for Pokerstars, as Lex's run gave the site a ton of exposure.

While Pokerstars already has deep penetration in many markets across the world, a decent percentage of the 18,000+ viewers that witnessed Lex's deep run likely either funded their existing Pokerstars accounts today or opened new accounts if they aren't already customers.

There is a reason why Pokerstars has been so heavily focusing on over the past couple of years, as it represents a tremendous marketing tool for the company, as evidenced by Lex's big run earlier today.


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