Virtual Reality Poker Game Launches at Pokerstars

Published on November 8th, 2018 6:36 pm EST

The virtual reality poker is here.  But is it here to stay?Pokerstars has launched a number of new initiatives over the years to try to capitalize on various trends.

Their newest venture, called "Pokerstars VR", launched earlier today. Pokerstars VR (Virtual Reality) seeks to immerse players in a virtual reality poker world where players can "sit down" in games in places such as Macau, a "traditional Western saloon" or Monte Carlo.

According to Pokerstars, the imagery in the new Pokerstars Virtual Reality world "appears to have more vivid colours and arguably better graphics than real life". Pokerstars has included screenshots in their blog posting announcing the new product, which you can view by clicking the link below.


"Pokerstars VR" is the latest attempt from Pokerstars to re-ignite their poker revenues, which have been stagnating over the past couple of years.

The "poker boom" took place roughly 15 years ago. Pokerstars was the biggest beneficiary of this boom, though they are starting to stumble now that they are a more mature company. Pokerstars has done a great job of grabbing market share in the online poker market, though they are faced with the challenge of growing revenues in an industry in which they have a near-monopoly.

Will "Pokerstars VR" be the new product that helps Pokerstars reach new customers?


Does "Pokerstars VR" have any interest to you, or is this another gimmick product from the company that they'll soon remove?

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