Event Finishes With 4,367 Total Entries

Published on December 4th, 2018 4:02 pm EST

Largest prize pool - Partypoker Millions - December 2018.The partypoker Millions Online event, with its audacious guarantee of $20 million, ended up being a smash hit with players.

Heading into the event, partypoker was faced with the very real possibility of a multi-million dollar overlay. The company pushed the tournament aggressively through its $10 million plus in satellites, sponsored pros and social media channels, and the work ended up paying off in spades.

In the end, the tournament ended up receiving a total of 4,367 entries, which produced a total prize pool of nearly $22 million.

This is a massive achievement for partypoker, as the company is dwarfed in size by the 800 pound gorilla of the industry, Pokerstars. To host the largest tournament (by prize pool) in the history of online poker, given the size of Pokerstars, is a remarkable accomplishment for partypoker.


The strong turnout for the event means that the eventual winner of the tournament will walk away with a payout of $2,729,376.24.

The top four finishers will all become millionaires, with the second place finisher receiving $1,910,562.50, the third place finisher taking home $1,364,687.50 and the fourth place finisher walking away with $1,091,750.

The final table participants will all walk away with a minimum payout of $327,525, while the top 500 finishers in the event will all take home a cash.


I have a hard time thinking that Pokerstars is going to take this lying down, and I have a strong feeling that they are already planning their answer to the partypoker Millions Online.


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