Two Agree To $62,400 Settlement

Published on December 11th, 2018 5:53 pm EST

Unusual bet involving a bathroom and lack of light.  Illustration.The $100,000 bathroom prop bet between Rory Young and Rich Alati has now come to an end, with the two men agreeing to a $62,400 settlement.

The $100,000 prop bet was originally supposed to last for 30 days and asked the question - could Alati survive in a dark bathroom for a full month, without any light or interaction with the outside world? The terms of the bet forbid the use of electronics, so Alati would literally be in the dark for 30 straight days in order to successfully complete the wager. Regular meal deliveries were brought to Alati, as well as other essentials that he needed to survive.

After 20 days had passed, Young decided to initiate talks of a settlement, as it was becoming increasingly apparent that Alati was en route to winning the wager.

While delivering one of Alati's meals, Young opened up discussions of a settlement and the two men finally agreed on a number $62,400, plus the payment of Alati's expenses.

With that, Alati was allowed to return to the real world with an extra $62,400 in his pocket.


This was a super serious wager, with the two sides signing an 11-page contract between Alati entered the bathroom.

The $100,000 from each man was put into escrow with a lawyer in order to ensure prompt payment. Some of the other key points in the contract included:

1) A waiver that exempted Young from any liability that might arise from the wager (Alati suffering permanent damage, etc)

2) The bathroom that Alati was living in would be equipped with a mattress, shower, bath, laundry and a fridge with the lights removed

3) Food was to be delivered every 3 to 6 days, with the delivery times being randomized in order to prevent Alati from learning about how much time had lapsed between deliveries

4) The loser of the bet would have to pay the expenses for the wager


In the end, Alati received $62,400 in a little less than three weeks, so he certainly emerged as the clear winner.


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