Gross, Staples Will No Longer Serve as Pokerstars Ambassadors

Published on February 5th, 2019 7:28 pm EST

Poker room cuts ties with two popular video streamers / players.Earlier today, Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples both took to social media to announce that they would no longer be working with Pokerstars as Ambassadors for the brand.

Gross and Staples are two of the most popular poker streamers on, with both regularly commanding audiences of well over 1,000 simultaneous viewers.

Staples generated a tremendous amount of publicity when he and his brother Matt successfully completed the "Ultimate Sweat". Jamie and Matt, who were over 170 pounds apart in weight at the time that the "Ultimate Sweat" bet was placed, successfully narrowed the gap in their weights to zero over the course of 12 months, winning a $150,000 bet from Bill Perkins.

Jeff Gross, on the other hand, has enjoyed a great deal of success, as he has over $3.2 million in total live tournament cashes and regularly goes deep in tournaments while streaming on


This doesn't seem to be a case of Pokerstars cutting all of their Ambassadors who made names for themselves on, as the likes of Ben Spragg, Fintan Hand and Kevin Martin are still listed on the Team Pokerstars page.

It seems unlikely that either Gross or Staples would want to leave their deal with Pokerstars. Is Pokerstars planning on signing some new blood? Are they cutting back on their sponsorships once again? Who knows.

I would say that both Staples and Gross represented the Pokerstars brand very well during their time with the company, and I wouldn't be surprised to see one or both sign with a company like partypoker or 888.


Jeff Gross spent two years as a Pokerstars ambassador, while Jaime Staples was with the company for four years.


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