"Thirst Lounge" To Launch on February 14th

Published on February 13th, 2019 1:51 pm EST

The Thirst Lounge 10 launches on February 14th, 2019 on Twitch.Earllier today, partypoker announced that they would be the official sponsors of the "The Thirst Lounge", which will be officially re-launching on February 14th.

The "Thirst Lounge", which was originally launched by Bill Perkins in 2016, is a Twitch.tv streaming platform that regularly streams content with a focus on "poker, lifestyle and more".

Bill Perkins is a hedge fund trader/poker player that is often seen playing in high buy-in poker tournaments. Perkins is also known for dreaming up crazy prop bets, including "The Ultimate Sweat" and Dan Bilzerian's bike ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.


The "Thirst Lounge" is growing.

Instead of just Bill Perkins streaming, the "Thirst Lounge" has become the "Thirst Lounge 10", which will comprise of an "eclectic network of ten content creators of varied life experience from across Europe and the US, who all enjoy a shared passion for producing quality, poker-related content".

"The Thirst Lounge 10" are:

Adam Klein
Cat Valdes
Ebony Kenney
Voislav Ivanovski
Jon Pardy
Justin Kelly
Kelly Minkin
Matt Forsythe
Priestly Leng

Again, the official launch for the "Thirst Lounge 10" is on February 14th.


An interesting note from partypoker's press release is that the "Thirst Lounge" is part of a "wider streaming strategy being adopted by partypoker over the coming months, with the site set to make more exciting announcements in the coming days".

Might we see Jaime Staples and Jeff Gross sign deals with partypoker? We'll see.

Source: partypoker.com - partypoker Becomes Official Sponsor of The Thirst Lounge


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