Tens of Thousands Turn Out For Anniversary Event

Published on April 14th, 2019 5:32 pm EST

Guarantee of 10 million is easily met in the anniversary poker tournament.Pokerstars is hosting a very special Sunday Million today, as it is the 13th anniversary of the event.

To celebrate the anniversary, Pokerstars decided to make the guarantee for today's Sunday Million a whopping $10 million.

In order to help meet the guarantee, Pokerstars decided to temporarily increase the buy-in to $215 for this week only. Earlier this year, in an attempt to make the game more accessible to people with smaller bankrolls, Pokerstars cut the buy-in to $109.


Any thoughts of an overlay were quickly vanquished, as the total prize pool for the event currently sits at over $11.6 million with over 40 minutes of late registration still remaining.

As of this moment, the event has received a total of 58,215 entries - 45,371 entries, plus an additional 12,852 in re-entries.

In total, this has created a total prize pool of $11,648,400, and that number continues to rise by the second.


The eventual winner of the event will walk away with more than $1 million, as the current first place prize sits at $1,000,051.58.

All nine of the final table participants are guaranteed a minimum of $62,991.68.

As of this moment, the top 9,656 spots in the tournament will cash, with a mini-cash looking to be worth roughly $434.


This is a multi-day event, with the tournament breaking after level 35. Play will resume on April 15th at 13:00 ET.


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