Daniel Negreanu Will No Longer Be An Ambassador For Pokerstars

Published on May 23rd, 2019 12:52 pm EST

Long term relationship in the poker world has come to and end.  Daneil Negreanu and Pokerstars.Quite a shocking development in the online poker world today as Daniel Negreanu revealed via his Twitter account that he will no longer be serving as an Ambassador for Pokerstars.

Daniel Negreanu was the face of Pokerstars for the past 12 years, which is why the announcement has come as such a surprise. It was figured by many (myself included) that Daniel Negreanu would essentially rep Pokerstars for the rest of his life, given his decade plus run with the company and the fact that he continues to be one of the biggest names in poker.

This was not meant to be, however, as Negreanu revealed that he is no longer a member of Team Pokerstars Pro, which deals a big blow to the online poker site.

Here is Negreanu's announcement:


Negreanu has endured a fair bit of criticism over the past 2-3 years or so, as Pokerstars has undertaken a number of changes that have added to the company's bottom line.

Did this contribute to Negreanu's exit? This is all speculation at this point - it seems almost impossible to imagine that Pokerstars would be the side to exit this deal, as Negreanu continues to post excellent results and is still one of poker's biggest superstars.

Another question: will Daniel Negreanu sign with another site, with partypoker being an obvious option?

There is a good chance that Negreanu is simply looking to cut back on his professional duties at this point in his life, as he recently got married for the second time and has professed a desire to start a family.


All in all, a very surprising development.


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