Poker Videos Discussing Pokerstars Seem To Be Target of Takedowns

Published on June 2nd, 2019 2:31 am EST

Poker video content has been removed lately from the largest platform.Is Youtube launching an attack against poker videos, specifically those talking about Pokerstars?

Over the past couple of days, multiple people in the poker world have stated that they've had some of their content taken down by Youtube.

Youtube specifically seems to be targeting videos that mention Pokerstars.

Jaime Staples, for instance, says that he has had 134 of his videos zapped since Friday:

Popular vlogger and cash game grinder Andrew Neeme had a video taken down:

Evan Jarvis of Holistic Poker Coach received multiple strikes for videos that were about Pokerstars:


Youtube has targeted these videos on the grounds of their policy on "harmful and dangerous content", which includes online gambling content.


This is obviously an unsettling development, as many streamers and vloggers rely on Youtube to help build their followings.

With Pokerstars related content seeming to be the target of this takedown assault, which channels will feel the wrath of Youtube next?


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