Borgata Continues To Chase Phil Ivey For $10 Million Plus Judgment

Published on July 21st, 2019 8:22 pm EST

The judge has ordered that the seizure of poker winnings can take place.  Illustration.
Late last year, the Borgata requested permission from a federal court to go after Phil Ivey's assets in the state of Nevada.

After winning a $10 million plus judgment against Ivey and his associate, the Borgata scoured the state of New Jersey for any assets belonging to Ivey, turning up nothing more than an empty bank account.

Not to be deterred, the Borgata sought to cast their net in the state of Nevada, where they argued that Ivey had "substantial" assets.


Heading into the World Series of Poker this summer, we wondered if Ivey would show up.

After all, if the Borgata was going after Ivey's assets in the state of Nevada, they would surely look to seize any of his cashes at the World Series of Poker.

Ivey, however, was undeterred, as he ended up playing in a handful of events, including the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.

Ivey would cash in the $50k PPC for a little over $100,000. After that, he busted out of the main event after playing for less than an hour.


According to Haley Hintze, it appears as though the Borgata may, in fact, have gone after Ivey's WSOP winnings.

On June 18th, a writ of execution was entered into the United States District Court (District of Nevada) against Ivey and his associate, Cheng Yin Sun. According to this document, the Borgata was seeking the judgment of $10.13 million, as well as over $200,000 in total accrued interest. The document also stated that Ivey and his associate had paid $0 towards the judgment.

According to Hintze, counsel for the Borgata served Caesars Entertainment (owner of the World Series of Poker) with the writ of judgment on June 27th, which was when Ivey was making his deep run in the $50k PPC. Hintze goes on to say that the writ was served to Jack Effel.

Given the approved writ of judgment and the timing of Caesars being served with the document, the Borgata was almost certainly looking to seize Ivey's winnings, as he had just made the money in the event.


The Borgata is certainly increasing the heat on Ivey.

Will this judgment ever be satisfied?

If not, the next question becomes - will Ivey ever play in Las Vegas again?

Source: - Borgata/Phil Ivey Update: Judgment Docketing Approved, Borg Sought to Attach WSOP Winnings


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