Justin Bonomo, Bill Perkins Among Names Added to Triton Million

Published on July 29th, 2019 7:52 pm EST

So far 47 players have signed on to the Million buy-in event in London, England.The upcoming Triton Million event in London, England, which is set to run from August 1st to August 3rd, is going to have an absolutely monstrous prize pool.

The tournament, which bills itself as the biggest buy-in event in the history of poker, has an astonishing 47 confirmed entrants.

With a buy-in of £1,050,000, the prize pool is sitting at £47 million and counting.


The Triton Million has been employing a unique method of filling out the tournament.

To start, the players are in two groups - Businessman/Recreational Player and Professional Player.

A committee first extends invitations to people that fall into the Businessman/Recreational Player group. Upon accepting the invitation and sending in their deposit, the players in the Businessman/Recreational Player group are able to invite one Professional Player.

For instance, Paul Phua invited Tom Dwan, while Cary Katz invited Bryn Kenney.

To add further intrigue to the event, the two groups of players are kept separated for the first six Levels of play. After that, a seat draw will take place that combines the two groups, though if you are not able to play at the same table as the player that you invited until the final table.

After Day 1, a new random draw will take place.


As mentioned, there are now 47 confirmed entrants in this event. The last time that we updated you, there were a total of 37.

Here are the 10 latest entrants:

Leon Tsoukernik
Orpen Kisacikoglu
Ferdinand Putra
Andrew Pantling
Bill Perkins

Martin Kabrhel
Matthias Eibinger
Justin Bonomo
Andrew Robl
Dan Smith


The identity of the player that Rick Salomon is inviting has yet to be revealed, which means that the event will likely have at least 48 players when all is said and done.


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