Staking Company Suing Marchington Over WSOP Deal

Published on August 3rd, 2019 8:20 pm EST

Restraining order on cash winnings was issued by the judge. Illustration.According to (link below), Nick Marchington, who finished in 7th place in the 2019 World Series of Poker main event for $1,525,000, is reportedly being sued over a WSOP staking deal.

Two men - David Yee and Colin Hartley of "C Biscuit Poker Staking", claim that they had a valid staking deal in place for Marchington. According to their lawsuit, Yee and Hartley had bought 10% of Marchington's action in both the $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em and Main events for a total of $1,750. The lawsuit claims that the money was sent to Marchington on June 4th, after which Marchington texted the two men and stated "We are booked. Let's get rich.."

After that, Marchington reportedly cancelled the sale of the pieces. Marchington claims that Yee and Hartley were fine with receiving a refund.

Here is where the courts will need to decide who is in the right.

Yee and Hartley claim that Marchington ended up playing the $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em event, and confirmed to them that their piece was in action.

A day before Marchington played in the main event, Yee and Hartley claim that he texted the two men to tell them that he was cancelling their piece in the main event. The lawsuit goes on to claim (according to that Marchington texted Yee and Hartley to tell them that their piece for the main event was cancelled on July 3rd, played his opening day flight on July 4th and attempted to return the Yee and Hartley's $1,200 on July 5th.


A Clark County judge granted Hartley and Yee a temporary restraining order, and the Rio is reportedly still holding a percentage of Marchington's winnings. Marchington had reportedly taken some of the winnings out in cash, though a check that was issued to him had a stop order placed on it.

Yee and Hartley are seeking $152,500 plus legal fees.


Source: - Nick Marchington Sued by Staking Group Over Main Event Deal


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