"I_AGAINST_All" Becomes First To Reach $200,000 Rake Milestone In Cash Games

Published on August 8th, 2019 3:18 pm EST

Cash game grinding rewarded. Illustration.In April of 2019, "Sp0ubledy" became the first person to enter the Diamond Club Elite club on partypoker after reaching the $200,000 rake milestone after a couple of insane months of grinding the SPINS tournaments.

Earlier this week, "I_AGAINST_All" joined "Sp0ubledy" in the Diamond Club Elite group, though he did so while playing cash games on the site.

partypoker offered a bounty of prizes to the two players who could reach Diamond Club Elite status first on the site.

In return for becoming the first cash game grinder to reach the $200,000 rake milestone on the site, partypoker paid out:

-$30,000 in cash ($10,000 after hitting the $100,000 rake milestone, $20,000 for hitting $200,000)
-$16,000 VIP package to the 2019 Caribbean Poker Party
-$10,300 ticket to the 2019 MILLIONS Online


In addition to all of this, "I_AGAINST_All" will also receive 100% rakeback from partypoker until January 31st, 2020, which is when the new "Diamond Club" starts.


While other sites have moved away from rewarding high-volume grinders, partypoker seems intent on welcoming everyone with open arms - recreational players and grinders alike.

While grinders will not like partypoker's banning of HUDs and their recent forced alias change, there is no doubt that the Diamond Club promotion has proven to be popular with grinders, especially in the face of other sites essentially cutting ties with high-volume grinders over the past few years.

Source: partypoker.com - "I_AGAINST_All" becomes first Diamond Club Elite cash game grinder


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