Published on September 16th, 2007 5:09 pm EST

pokertracker logoOne of the most popular pieces of poker software, Pokertracker, had their web site hacked late last week.

The software, which is used by a great number of online poker players, helps players track their results. Pokertracker is used by tens of thousands of online poker players.

As far as we know, it was just the web site itself that was hacked; there was nothing done to the actual software. Your software may try to connect to the Pokertracker website to look for updates; you can disable this in the Help menu temporarily until the site comes back up.

Also, no one is in any danger of having their computers infected by running the Pokertracker software that they have on their machines. This is simply a web site issue.

Apparently the issue has now been resolved, but Pokertracker's hosting company hasn't put the web site back up due to it being the weekend.

Again, the program files were not touched, so feel free to use your Pokertracker software. The web site itself was hacked, and should be back online on Monday.


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