Negreanu Signs with GGPoker Months After Leaving Pokerstars

Published on November 20th, 2019 12:51 pm EST

A popular poker player, and one of the best today, has made a surprising sponsorship move.In what can only be described as a shocking development, Daniel Negreanu announced earlier today that he is signing on with GGPoker to become an Ambassador of the company.

After leaving Pokerstars earlier in the year, many people assumed that Negreanu was out of the sponsorship game for good.

Others felt as though Negreanu would end up with Partypoker.

This is obviously a massive scoop for GGPoker, which will benefit massively from Daniel Negreanu's repping of the site. Negreanu is arguably the most famous poker player in the world and continues to put up strong results in live tournaments.


In announcing with signing with GGPoker, Negreanu pointed to the company's software and unique features (including player staking) as reasons why he was excited about representing the site.

GGPoker certainly offers features that aren't found on other sites, and they have built a reputation for their soft games and attractive software.


Given Negreanu's standing in the poker world, you can be sure that he was offered a fairly lucrative package to sign with GGPoker.

Negreanu's signing with GGPoker lends some credibility to the theory that his parting with Pokerstars was not a mutual decision, and that Pokerstars is getting out of the business of sponsoring poker players, in favor of a focus on sports betting and casino games.


Again - this is a massive "get" for GGPoker that nobody was expecting.


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