Both "Lucio" and "Frenchsniperrr" Take Home Over $2 Million

Published on December 10th, 2019 2:07 am EST

The finalists chop winnings in the big online tournament.  Illustration.It was a very good night for both "Lucio" and "Frenchsniperrr", as they both walked away with $2 million plus paydays after making a deal while heads-up at the final table of partypoker's MILLIONS Online event.

While three-handed, a deal was discussed between "Lucio", "Frenchsniperrr" and the eventual third place finisher, "nomeansyes". Apparently "nomeansyes" rejected a deal, imploring the players to play on. As is apparently normally the case in these situations, the player who rejected the deal was eliminated first, as "nomeansyes" was sent to the rail in third place.

Here is how the final table finished out, with the amounts for the top two finishers reflecting the deal that was made:

1. frenchsniperrr, $2,259,113.58
2. Lucio, $2,222,511.43
3. nomeansyes, $1,370,850
4. Rank 1 Global, $1,107,225
5. John_Duthie, $869,962.50
6. Cloudking, $659,062.50
7. PalPal012015, $474,525
8. BillKluka, $316,350


This tournament was a massive success for partypoker, as they ended up exceeding their lofty guarantee of $20 million by $1.09 million.

The tournament was widely covered on, as many of partypoker's sponsored players participated in the event.

The tournament ran without any glitches, and I would expect the numbers to continue to grow next year as partypoker increases their market share.

All in all, a very good night for all of the final table finishers, and a very good night for partypoker as well.


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