Bill Perkins, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates Among Those That Have Confirmed Their Participation in Challenge

Published on December 17th, 2019 11:20 pm EST

There is a new high stakes challenge in the poker world.Many moons ago, Tom "durrrr" Dwan started something called the "durrrr Challenge".

The idea behind the challenge? Dwan, who was regarded as possibly the best online player in the world at the time, was having trouble finding games and wanted to entice the high stakes community to play him heads-up.

In order to tempt the members of the high stakes cash game community to enter the challenge, Dwan offered a significant incentive - beat me over 50,000 hands and I'll pay you an additional $1.5 million on top of what you already won. If Dwan won, his opponent would have to cough up $500,000.

Roughly 10 1/2 years after the first "durrrr Challenge" got underway, Phil Galfond is back with a challenge of his own.

The "Galfond Challenge", which is open to the poker community, will see Galfond play heads-up Pot Limit Omaha challenges against people on his new site, Run It Once.

Similar to the "durrrr Challenge", the "Galfond Challenge" will see the loser cough up an additional amount of money when the challenge is over.

Also similar to the "durrrr Challenge", the "Galfond Challenge" will see Phil pay out a significantly bigger amount of money if he loses.


The Challenges are expected to begin in mid-January on Run It Once.

As of this moment, four people have accepted the Challenge, though one dropped out earlier today.

Here are the three Challengers as of this moment, as well as the terms of the match:

Bill Perkins (and the Thirst Lounge)

Stakes: €100/€200 PLO
Hands: 50,000 or if a player has a €400,000 loss, whichever comes first

If Galfond loses, he will have to pay Perkins $800,000. If Perkins loses, he will have to pay Galfond $200,000.

One interesting wrinkle to this challenge is that Perkins will be able to have members of his "Thirst Lounge" streaming stable sub in and play hands.


Stakes: €100/€200 PLO
Hands: 25,000

If Galfond loses, he will have to pay out an additional €200,000. If Galfond wins, he will receive €100,000.

Daniel "Jungleman" Cates

Stakes: €100/€200
Hands: 7,500

The terms of the sidebet between Cates and Galfond are still being finalized.


Fernando Habegger, a popular PLO coach who is known as "Jnandez", was originally slated to play the Challenge but pulled out, stating that the clash would take away from his other endeavours.


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