Aussie Millions Will Be Starting 11 Days Earlier This Year

Published on December 24th, 2019 3:07 am EST

The beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia, is a home to a big January poker tournament.For many professional poker players, there is a hole in the schedule in early 2020.

After 15 years, Pokerstars decided to discontinue their popular PCA (Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure) tournament series.

At one time, the PCA was one of the most popular tournament stops of the year, as many poker players eagerly grabbed the opportunity to escape winter and play poker in a warm climate. As the years passed by, however, the popularity of the series started to drop off, eventually leading Pokerstars to cancel the event entirely in 2020.

In the past, many poker players would hit the PCA and then hop on a plane to Melbourne to play in the Aussie Millions. Aussie Millions tournament organizers would cater to these players by starting their tournament series in mid-January.

Now, with the PCA being discontinued, the Aussie Millions has decided to move its start date up from January 15th (2019) to January 4th, as they no longer have much in the way of competition in January.


The first event at the 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, the $1,150 $1 million Guaranteed No Limit Hold'em event, will get underway on January 4th.

The first flight of the $10,600 buy-in main event will get underway on January 17th, and the tournament will conclude one week later.

The biggest buy-in event of the series will be the $100,000 Challenge, which gets underway on January 22nd and concludes the following day.


Many professional poker players are also avid tennis fans, and watching Australian Open matches while in Melbourne is part of the entire experience.

In the past, some poker players would complain about having to miss tennis matches to play in Aussie Millions events and vice versa, though the earlier start to the Aussie Millions means that the two events will only have minimal overlap.

Will the changes result in bigger fields? We'll find out in a few weeks.


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