Partypoker Crashes During Peak of Sunday Action

Published on December 30th, 2019 12:54 am EST

A major poker site experiences a major outage at an inconvenient time.Partypoker has made some exceptional strides over the past couple of years, as they have retooled their site to meet the needs of poker players around the world.

This has included the implementation of automatic rakeback, new software and a host of other new features.

With that being said, partypoker has suffered a couple of major outages over the past few months, and this has led to setbacks for the company as they try to win marketshare away from Pokerstars.

Earlier today, partypoker suffered a major outage at exactly the worst time, as many of their major Sunday tournaments were in full swing.

To make matters worse, many of partypoker's sponsored players, including Jaime Staples and others, were streaming their partypoker action on at the moment that the site decided to go to sleep.

These streamers were left to wonder what was going on as their partypoker software tried to connect with the server. Players like Jaime Staples and "All In Pav" had thousands of dollars in buy-ins on the go, so they were less than pleased to see the site go down.


A short while after the site crashed, partypoker took to Twitter to announce that all of the active tournaments had been cancelled and that players would be refunded based on the site's disconnection policy.

If you were playing a real money tournament or SNG at the time of the outage, partypoker has said that they will attempt to process all payouts within 24 hours in accordance with their Disconnection and cancellation policy.

Partypoker's Disconnection and Cancellation policy is currently offline as of this moment, though if you were an impacted player, you should be getting an email from partypoker within the next day or so.


This is obviously a bad beat for all of the impacted players. Partypoker needs to prevent these major Sunday outages from taking place if they want to make a meaningful move on Pokerstars going forward.


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