King's Casino Makes Decision Due To Coronavirus

Published on March 3rd, 2020 7:47 pm EST

The impact of the recent outbreak on the poker industry.In an "official release" that was posted yesterday morning on their Facebook page, King's Casino in Rozvadov announced that they would not be accepting any residents of Italy to their casino, as well as travellers from Italy.

This move comes as a response to the spreading Coronavirus, which has hit Italy particularly bad over the past couple of weeks.

Two residents of Prague, according to King's Casino, contracted the Coronavirus while visiting Italy, so King's Casino has decided to ban residents of Italy for the time being from their casino, as well as visitors from Italy.

According to the casino, they will not be accepting hotel reservations that have been made by Italians or people travelling from Italy for the time being.


In addition to announcing this policy, King's Casino also announced that any of the planned events that targeted residents of Italy have been cancelled for March and April, though any events that were due to take place after the start of May are still on as of this time.


The Coronavirus has also made its impact on the poker world, as Triton Poker indefinitely postponed their event in Jeju, South Korea last month.


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