Stones Gambling Hall Looks To Throw Out Lawsuit Against Them

Published on March 6th, 2020 12:21 pm EST

A legal battle in regards to a recent poker scandal is about to heat up.You're just bitter that you lost.

This is the crux of the Stones Gambling Hall response to a lawsuit filed against them (and others) by Maurice "Mac" VerStandig, who represents 25 different plaintiffs.

The $30 million lawsuit alleges that Mike Postle cheated in order to win $250,000 over the course of 68 poker sessions at Stones Gambling Hall. The lawsuit (and much of the poker community) believes that Postle cheated with the aid of a communication device in his hat.

Stones Gambling Hall, for their part, wants the lawsuit against them to be dismissed.

Stones Gambling Hall contends that the suing players are simply mad that they lost money playing against Postle, and that their "lack of success" spawned this lawsuit.

Stones also contends that they found "no evidence" that Mike Postle cheated.


An article in the Sacramento Bee details the lengths that VerStandig and his team went to try to serve Postle with the lawsuit.

The article also reveals that Postle is now representing himself (at least for the time being) and Postle's response to the lawsuit will be due on March 24th.

Stones Gambling Hall, which argued that they didn't have anything to gain from Postle's alleged cheating, wants an April 16th hearing on their dismissal motion.

Source: - Stones Gambling Hall asks court to toss lawsuit over alleged cheating by poker player


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