Online Poker Sites All Post Massive Surge in Numbers

Published on March 16th, 2020 10:23 am EST

The numbers for online poker are up during social distancing. - Illustration.What do you do when the world is facing a global quarantine? What do you do when you are told to stay home and avoid places such as gyms, bars and restaurants?

For many people, the answer has been online poker.

Practically all poker tournaments have been cancelled around the world that were supposed to take place over the next month or so. In addition, multiple major poker rooms, including the Wynn in Las Vegas, have announced their intentions to shutter their doors for the time being, to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

With nowhere to play poker in the brick-and-mortar world, most live pros have turned to the online poker tables.

In addition, many recreational players throughout the world, with not much else to do, have decided to fire up their dormant online poker accounts.

The result? A surge of traffic to the world's largest online poker sites.

Take America's Cardroom, for instance.

The site hosted a $500,000 guaranteed tournament earlier today, and at last look, the prize pool was nearly $1 million, as the tournament received well over 1,500 entrants.

Another example: the GG Masters on GGPoker, which surpassed its $300,000 guarantee for the first time ever today, as 2,260 players turned out to create a total prize pool of $311,880.

Partypoker also revealed earlier today that they are thinking about extended their $20 Million Powerfest event from two weeks to three, though they have once again encountered problems with their software that forced the cancellation of numerous tournaments today.

In addition, numbers on other sites, including Pokerstars and 888, have been extremely strong as well.


With poker rooms across the world currently closed and poker tournaments either postponed or cancelled, the move towards online poker should continue to strengthen in the coming weeks.


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