Cheaters Banned From partypoker for Life

Published on May 6th, 2020 10:40 am EST

Cheaters busted.  Funds redistributed.Earlier this week, partypoker's Rob Yong had a few pieces of news regarding the site's Cash Game Leaderboard promotion.

To start, Yong revealed that the popular Cash Game Leaderboard promotion has been extended into May, with over $1 million in total prizes up for grabs.

In addition, Yong also revealed that a number of people had been found to be cheating in order to gain an upperhand in the Cash Game Leaderboard contest.

With so much money at stake, the revelation of cheating is not a big surprise.

Yong revealed that the offending players had been found out by the site's Head of Risk, banned for life and had their funds confiscated from them.

The funds were then redistributed to the players below them on the Cash Game Leaderboard.


According to Yong, the cheating players were "multi-accounting" and having their friends play on their accounts in order to put in more time in cash games, which resulted in them staying on top of the leaderboards. This was obviously unfair to the other players, and they were quickly found out.

Yong warns that anybody who finishes at the top of the Cash Game Leaderboard will have their play scrutinized in order to maintain fairness.


Here are Yong's comments on the matter:


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