Venetian, Wynn Among Casinos That Will Re-Open in Early June

Published on May 31st, 2020 1:53 pm EST

Las Vegas - Lights are coming back on (with caution).In mid-March, Las Vegas came to a complete halt.

The sounds of slot machines that used to fill Las Vegas casinos were suddenly replaced by an eerie silence. The pulsing lights of the Las Vegas strip were turned off. The doors of all of Las Vegas' most famous casinos were locked, immediately putting tens of thousands of people out of work.

The Coronavirus forced the shutdown of the Las Vegas strip for nearly three months. On June 4th, casinos like the Wynn and Caesars Palace will be allowed to re-open.

Not all of the Las Vegas Strip casinos will be re-opening on June 4th, though most will. The fountains of the Bellagio will be turned back on as the casinos welcomes patrons once again. Caesars Palace will re-open their doors, as well as the Wynn, Venetian and many others.

Casino operators are doing everything that they can to try to lure people back to the city. Some casinos are offering free flights, while most are heavily discounting hotel rooms in an effort to convince people to return to Las Vegas. The city depends on tourism for its survival, though many people are reluctant to travel right now.

Things will like very different when the casinos re-open their doors on June 4th. Social distancing guidelines will be in place. That includes less people at the tables, and, in many cases, plastic partitions between the players.

Incredible efforts will be undertaken to clean and disinfectant the casinos, and employees will wearing masks.


One of the big questions: will people want to play live poker in this current environment?

If this were 10 years ago, the answer would certainly be yes. Since that time, however, numerous states have legalized online poker, and there are options available to those who don't live in online poker friendly states.

Do people want to play poker with plastic partitions around them and masks on, or would they rather just stay at home and play online?

If you do plan on playing live, there will be big changes to the games, at least for the time being. There will be a maximum number of players allowed on a table, and there will be frequent breaks to make sure that everything is clean and disinfected.


The World Series of Poker is still planned for this fall. It will certainly be interesting to see how casinos cope with the current circumstances, and it will be interesting to see how feasible large-field tournaments would be at this point.


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