No Limit Hold'em Shootout Tables Will Have Max of Five Players

Published on June 19th, 2020 9:47 am EST

The brick and mortar casinos in Vegas are testing out potential social distancing solutions.Earlier this month, Las Vegas area casinos were given the green light by the state's Governor to re-open their doors.

This was welcome news to the industry and city of Las Vegas.

Many changes were necessary to be made in order adhere to social distancing requirements, including the limiting of players who could sit at a single poker table.

This made the prospect of hosting multi-table tournaments tricky, though the Venetian is testing out one potential solution later today.

After running one-table tournaments this week, the Venetian is hosting multiple multi-table No Limit Hold'em Shootout tournaments this weekend.

The tournament will be limited to a maximum of 80 players, and the buy-in will be $250.

The players will be divided into 16 tables, with 5 players sitting at each table. This will be in a Shootout format, so each table will continue play until there is a winner at each separate table.

After that, the winners of each Round One table will combine into four tables, with four players sitting at each table.

The winner of each Round Two table will advance to Round 3, where the final four players will play down to a winner.


The first $250 No Limit Hold'em event will get underway at 11:10 local time on Friday morning, while another one will run the next day at the same time.


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