GGPoker Hit By DDoS, Disconnections and Various Other Glitches

Published on July 20th, 2020 1:24 pm EST

Heavy traffic from all directions pointing towards the tournament servers.When the World Series of Poker Online series was announced by and GGPoker, one question that was asked at the time was: would GGPoker be able to stand up to the increased traffic?

After all, Pokerstars, partypoker and ACR have all had their own issues with uptime over the past few months - would GGPoker be any different?

This past weekend, GGPoker had a number of issues, some of which were their fault, and some of which came about as a result of a DDoS attack.

If you were playing on GGPoker this past weekend, you likely experienced some sort of an issue.

There were widespread disconnections, server delays and some prominent tournaments (WSOP #32 and WSOP 33) didn't resume following a break.


According to, the issues have now been resolved.

WSOP #32 and WSOP #33 were apparently paused due to an "unforeseen bug" that was caused by "high load during peak times". A temporary fix was issued, with a more permanent fix coming at a later time.

The "incidents of widespread client disconnections" was caused by a case of "server-client protocol mismatch" and has since been fixed.

The "server delays" were caused by an "influx of players" that resulted in a "bottleneck". Again, a "temporary fix" was enabled, with a more permanent fix coming later in the week.

Lastly, GGPoker enabled DDoS Protection on the server that was hit by the DDoS attack.


With several massive WSOP events coming up on GGPoker, it will be interesting to see how the site handles the continued increased load on their servers.


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