Winner to Receive Over $1.5 Million

Published on August 3rd, 2020 1:07 am EST

A four day poker tournament with a large prize paid instantly.Who would have thought that a site not called Pokerstars or partypoker could generate a prize pool of nearly $10 million?

The latest running of "The Venom" on America's Cardroom has been a massive success, as the $2,500 + $150 buy-in event ended up generating a total prize pool of $9,680,000.

This easily surpassed the tournament's ambitious guarantee of $7 million.

In total, the tournament ended up with an eye-popping total of 3,872 total entrants. The event received 561 entrants on Day 1A, 956 entrants on Day 1B, 732 entrants on Day 1C and 1,623 entrants on Day 1D.

There was originally $1 million earmarked to the eventual winner of the event, though the massive prize pool significantly increased the money that the top finishers will walk away with.

Here are the final table payouts for the event:

1st - $1,542,024
2nd - $1,135,466
3rd - $836,352
4th - $587,576
5th - $420,112
6th - $323,312
7th - $226,512
8th - $129,712
9th - $82,280


This is a four-day event, with the final table taking place on Wednesday, August 5th at 5 pm ET.


ACR Poker has had their share of issues over the years, mainly in regards to site reliability.

Having said that, hosting a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of nearly $10 million in an incredible accomplishment.


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