King's Casino Ordered Closed by Czech Government

Published on October 10th, 2020 5:35 pm EST

Reality bites.  Popular European casino forced to close for the time being.Bad news for fans of brick-and-mortar poker, especially those who live in Europe, as King's Casino, host of the World Series of Poker Europe, announced that it was shutting its doors until October 25th.

King's Casino is located in the Czech Republic, which is currently struggling mightily to contain a second surge of the Coronavirus.

Czech officials reported a new record high of 5,335 new Coronavirus cases earlier this week, with some expecting as many as 8,000 cases per day later in October.

This is more than neighbouring Germany, which has a significantly larger population.

As a result, the Czech government has instituted new lockdown measures which impacts King's Casino.


King's Casino revaled that they will be attempting to re-open on Monday, October 26th at 12:00 am, though this will depend entirely on how the Czech Republic manages to control the current Coronavirus outbreak.

There is obviously a chance that the lockdown measures will be extended, which would impact King's Casino as well.

Here is King's Casino Tweet about the matter:


Poker players from all over the world will be watching this development with interest, as other casinos could be forced to take similar measures if their home countries struggle to contain the Coronavirus this fall and winter.


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